Popular movies week 16 December 1900

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 16/December - 22/December - 1900. Do you remember Soldiers of the Cross by Herbert Booth, Joseph Perry or Alligator Bait starring Beatrice Day, Harold Graham, Mr. Graham ?

Alligator Bait

Starring: Beatrice Day, Harold Graham, Mr. Graham

Country: United States

Champs de Mars

Beheading Chinese Prisoner

Soldiers of the Cross

Directed by: Herbert Booth, Joseph Perry

Starring: Beatrice Day, Harold Graham, Mr. Graham, John Jones

Country: United States

The 'Gator and the Pickaninny

Searching Ruins on Broadway, Galveston, for Dead Bodies

Hooligan Assists the Magician

Directed by: J. Stuart Blackton, Albert E. Smith

Starring: J. Stuart Blackton

Let Me Dream Again

Directed by: George Albert Smith

Starring: Laura Bayley, Tom Green

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