Popular movies week 24 October 1943

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 24/October - 30/October - 1943. Do you remember The Sky's the Limit by Edward H. Griffith or Above Suspicion starring Joan Crawford, Fred MacMurray, Conrad Veidt, Basil Rathbone ?

The Sky's the Limit

Directed by: Edward H. Griffith

Starring: Fred Astaire, Joan Leslie, Robert Benchley, Robert Ryan

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Above Suspicion

Directed by: Richard Thorpe

Starring: Joan Crawford, Fred MacMurray, Conrad Veidt, Basil Rathbone

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Gals, Incorporated

Directed by: Leslie Goodwins

Starring: Leon Errol, Harriet Nelson, Grace McDonald, David Bacon


Directed by: William A. Seiter, Ray Enright

Starring: Edward G. Robinson, Glenn Ford, Marguerite Chapman, Edgar Buchanan

Spotlight Scandals

Directed by: William Beaudine

Starring: Billy Gilbert, Frank Fay, Bonnie Baker, Billy Lenhart

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Dangerous Blondes

Directed by: Leigh Jason

Starring: Allyn Joslyn, Evelyn Keyes, Edmund Lowe, John Hubbard

Three Hearts for Julia

Directed by: Richard Thorpe

Starring: Ann Sothern, Melvyn Douglas, Lee Bowman, Richard Ainley

Yanks Ahoy

Directed by: Kurt Neumann

Starring: William Tracy, Joe Sawyer, Marjorie Woodworth, Minor Watson

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