August 11

August 11 is under the sign of Leo. Famous birthdays on this day include Chris Hemsworth (1983), Hulk Hogan (1953) and Inès de la Fressange (1957). Several movies were released around August 11 over the years, such as Life of Brian in 1979 directed by Terry Jones and Boot Polish in 1954 directed by Prakash Arora.
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Which were the most popular Movies released around August 11 over the years?

Life of Brian

Release year: 1979

Directed by: Terry Jones

Starring: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam

Country: United States of America

Boot Polish

Release year: 1954

Directed by: Prakash Arora

Starring: Kumari Naaz, Rattan Kumar, David Abraham, Chand Burke

Dead Man's Shoes

Release year: 2004

Directed by: Shane Meadows

Starring: Paddy Considine, Gary Stretch, Toby Kebbell, Stuart Wolfenden

Take the Money and Run

Release year: 1969

Directed by: Woody Allen

Starring: Woody Allen, Janet Margolin, Marcel Hillaire, Jacquelyn Hyde

Country: United States of America

The Mother and the Law

Release year: 1919

Directed by: D.W. Griffith

Starring: Mae Marsh, Robert Harron, Miriam Cooper, Vera Lewis

Country: United States of America


Historical Events

Which were the important events of August 11?


  • Brazil - Student�s Day, Lawyer�s Day, Foundation of the Law Studies in Brazil
  • Zimbabwe - Heroes Day
  • Taiwan - Valentine's Day
  • Roman Catholicism - the feasts of at least 5 saints: St. Tiburtius
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  • 2018 War in Afghanistan, Ghazni offensive: Fighting continues around the city of Ghazni. (Reuters)
  • 2017 Syrian Civil War: ISIL forces raid an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps base in vast desert spaces of eastern Homs Governorate, Syria, manned by between 12 to 18 fighters, all but one of which are killed. (Almasdar News)
  • 2016 August 2016 Thailand bombings: Two bombs hidden in plant pots explode killing at least one person and injuring 10 others, including foreign tourists, in Hua Hin District, Thailand. (BBC)
  • 2015 Boko Haram insurgency: A bomb attack consistent with Boko Haram kills 50 people in Nigeria's Borno State. (Reuters)
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Which were the most popular books released around August 11 over the years?

Jfk Coloring Book

Year: 1962

By: Jackie Kannon

How did a coloring book spend 14 weeks on the New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers list??? The year was 1962.

The Land They Fought For

Year: 1955

By: Clifford Dowdey

Book by Dowdey, Clifford


Year: 1977

By: John Cheever

Stunning and brutally powerful, Falconer tells the story of a man named Farragut, his crime and punishment, and his struggle to remain a man in a universe bent on beating him


Year: 1996

By: Sandra Brown

Barrie Travis is a damn good reporter stuck at a low-budget television station when the First Lady calls her―and offers her the opportunity of a lifetime.

In A Sunburned Country

Year: 2000

By: Bill Bryson

A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ONE SUMMER Every time Bill Bryson walks out the door, memorable travel literature threatens to break out.

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