Monday October 18, 2010: on this day

October 18, 2010 was the 291st day of the year 2010, under the sign of Libra and the day of the week was Monday.

Is October 18, 2010 a day special to you? If so you may like to discover what happened on that day, the zodiac sign and moon phase on October 18, 2010, who was born and died on October 18, 2010, what holidays and observances are celebrated on October 18, 2010, which were the most popular songs (ex. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars), movies (e.g. Avatar, directed by James Cameron), TV series (e.g. Gigantic) books and videogames back then.

On this page we will address all your questions and curiosities about October 18th, 2010 to help you enjoy your trip down memory lane.

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What day of the week was October 18, 2010?

October 18, 2010 was a Monday and it was the 291st day of the year 2010 in the Gregorian calendar.

October 18, 2010 can also be written as 10/18/2010 in the US and as 18/10/2010 in UK and Europe.

October 18, 2010 in October 2010 calendar


October 18, 2010: What happened on that day?

Here's what happened on October 18, 2010:

  • Iraq war: in the midst of increasing uncertainty over the timing of wikileaks' next batch of classified documents, the u.s. military creates a 120-member team that searches its database for clues to prepare for the publication event.
  • After the release of a video that purportedly shows indonesian soldiers torturing native papuans in a region where a small number of rebels have waged a war against indonesia for the past few decades, indonesia launched an investigation.
  • Nine people are killed in a robbery at jewelry stores in western baghdad, and 12 more are injured.
  • Three civilians were killed in a massacre by soldiers in south kivu, congo.
  • According to the latvian defense ministry, four nato fighter jets were dispatched from the lithuanian air force base in siauliai. they were activated when two russian bombers flew through neutral airspace and almost reached latvian airspace. (15 min).
  • Miss vietnam world 2010 is nominated to miss earth. it will take place in hcm city and phan thiet as well as hoi an, nha trang, hoi an, hoi an, and hoi an.
  • After a temporary halt to foreclosures caused by the 2010 foreclosure crisis, bank of america has resumed foreclosures in 23 states
  • Bp will sell assets valued at $1.8 billion in a series of sales to pay for the damages from the april explosion on the deepwater horizon rig, which killed 11 workers and emitted more than 200,000,000 gallons of crude oil to the gulf of mexico.
  • Rio tinto group, bhp billiton and rio tinto group announce they have canceled a $120 billion joint venture planned for the pilbara region in western australia. this was due to regulatory issues.
  • French strikes are intensifying ahead of wednesday's senate vote regarding pension reform. there are a thousand petrol stations that have run out of fuel, and rail strikes that are intensifying. truck drivers also perform go-slow on the highways. (reuters),
  • Typhoon megi
  • One person is still missing, and thousands fled when typhoon megi made landfall in the philippines. it's the first supertyphoon for the 2010 pacific typhoon seasons. (bloomberg via business week).
  • The people's republic of china evacuates 140,000 hainan residents ahead of tuesday's expected arrival.
  • A bus carrying 20 people, believed dead, was washed away by flood waters in vietnam's ha tinh province.
  • A collision between a truck and a bus in the vicinity of santiago de queretaro (mexico) has resulted in at least nineteen deaths.
  • The u.s. government concluded that chinese companies are helping iran improve its missile technology, as well as developing nuclear weapons. it has requested china to cease such activities.
  • The rwandan opposition parties appealed to the united states of america and the un security council for assistance in behalf victoire umuhoza (of the fdu opposition party), who was arrested last week and other political prisoners.
  • As south sudan prepares to hold a referendum on independence, fears mount that the lord's resistance army, a ugandan rebel group with ties to sudan's government, could destabilize the country.
  • The convention on biological diversity (cbd), a large gathering of united nations officials, gathers in japan to discuss why governments have not stopped the rapid rate at which habitats are disappearing and extinction by 2010. this is a continuation of their 8-year-old promise.
  • Naoto kan, the prime minister of japan, expresses concern about anti-japanese protests that have erupted in china following a territorial dispute.
  • In a domestic violence case, the highest court in the united arab emirates rules that a man may beat his wife and children so long as he does not leave any physical marks.
  • According to a philippine rights group for migrants, five filipino workers were arrested in saudi arabia after filing a labor complaint against the employer.
  • For alleged connections to the kurdistan workers party (pkk), in turkey, more than 150 people are being tried, 12 mayors included.
  • Islamist al-shabaab rebels in somalia ban mobile phone money transfers, saying they are ampquotunislamicampquot.
  • Three haitian prisoners are killed during a prison riot.
  • Mumbai is the first city to host the appeal by ajmal kasab regarding the death sentence that an indian court imposed for him in connection with the attacks on mumbai in 2008.
  • China releases kalsang tsultrim (a tibetan writer), who was detained in china earlier this summer for what china called a "political error".
  • Burma bans foreign media and international observers until the november general election.
  • In an apparent attempt to divert the case against president omar al bashirampquot by the international criminal court, the sudanese government fired the special prosecutor for darfur war crimes.
  • The australian government has announced that it will create two new immigration detention centers in northam, western australia, and inverbrackie (south australia) and end the detention of children. (bbc),
  • Researchers discovered a large coral reef in the mediterranean, 30-40 kilometers from tel aviv. this is an area that was once considered to be very barren of marine life.
  • Lashawn merritt, an american olympic gold medalist, was suspended 21 months because of doping.
  • Typhoon megi is: one person has been reported missing, and thousands have fled the philippines as typhoon megi (the first supertyphoon in the 2010 pacific typhoon seasons) makes landfall. (bloomberg via business week, (bbc) the people's republic of china evacuates 140,000 residents from hainan province in advance of tuesday's expected arrival.
  • Nouri al-maliki, the iraqi prime minister, visits iran where he is told "get rid" of america.
  • China's vice president xi jinping has been named vice-chair for the central military commission.

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October 18, 2010: What were the stock market quotes and exchange rates that day?

Stock market quotes on October 18, 2010:

  • ExxonMobil XOM: opens at $65.19
  • Apple AAPL: opens at $318.47
  • Microsoft MSFT: opens at $25.59
  • General Electric GE: opens at $16.31
  • International Business Machines IBM: opens at $140.90

Exchange Rates on October 18, 2010:

  • 1 USD = 81.26 JPY
  • 1 USD = 1.0175 CAD
  • 1 USD = 0.9586 CHF
  • 1 USD = 6.645 CNY
  • 1 EUR = 113.34 JPY

October 18, 2010: What were the main match results that day?

Bundesliga 2 - Football (Germany)

  • Bielefeld - Duisburg : 1 - 3

La Liga Primera Division - Football (Spain)

  • Hercules - Villarreal : 2 - 2

Division 2 - Football (France)

  • Boulogne - Nantes : 0 - 0

Premier League - UK Soccer

  • Blackburn - Sunderland : 0 - 0

October 18, 2010: What is The Zodiac Sign for that day?

 zodiac sign

The Zodiac and Astrological sign for October 18th is Libra.

Libra is the 7th sign in the Western Zodiac. People born between September 23rd and October 22nd belong to the Libra sign: discover Libra personality and who should a Libra marry.

Babies born in October are either Libra or Scorpio. People born before October 22nd are Libra, while people born from October 23rd have the sign of Scorpio.

Discover the personality of October born.

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October 18, 2010: What is the Chinese Zodiac Sign for that day?

Tiger chinese zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac sign for October 18, 2010 is Tiger and the associated element is Metal.

Discover the Tiger personality and how the Metal Element might affect a person's traits and compatibility with other signs according to the Chinese zodiac.

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Birth chart on this day

Discover the planets positions on October 18th, 2010 as well as what the sky looked like at your place

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October 18, 2010: What was the moon phase on that day?

Moon phase


The moon phase on October 18, 2010 was First Quarter.

The moon phase refers to the appearance of the Moon in the night sky on October 18, 2010 and is determined by the portion of the Moon's illuminated surface that is visible from Earth.

An observer located in New York City on October 18, 2010 at 10pm, would see the moon, being 87% full, rising at 03:55 pm and setting at 03:53 am.

The previous full moon was on Sep 23, 2010 while the next full moon would come on Oct 23, 2010.

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Your place in the Universe on October 18, 2010

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Who was born on October 18, 2010?

Whose famous birthday is on October 18th?

Famous individuals and celebrities born on October 18th:

  • Zac Efron
    Zac Efron

    American entertainer and actor.

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme
    Jean-Claude Van Damme

    Belgian-american actor who worked briefly in european commercials before moving to hollywood in 1982.

  • Mike Ditka
    Mike Ditka

    Mike ditka is a former american football player, coach, and television commentator, best known for his time as the head coach of the chicago...

  • Freida Pinto
    Freida Pinto

    Freida pinto is an indian model and actress known for her breakout role in the film slumdog millionaire.

  • Norm MacDonald
    Norm MacDonald

    Norm macdonald is a canadian comedian and actor known for his work on saturday night live and his dry, deadpan delivery.

  • Erin Moran
    Erin Moran

    Erin moran was an american actress best known for her role as joanie cunningham on the sitcom happy days.

  • Milo Yiannopoulos
    Milo Yiannopoulos

    Milo yiannopoulos is a british political commentator and public speaker known for his controversial views on feminism, political...

  • Michael McKean
    Michael McKean

    Michael mckean is an american actor, comedian, and musician known for his roles in this is spinal tap, laverne & shirley, and better call...

  • Jacques Higelin
    Jacques Higelin

    French musician and singer of pop.

  • Melina Mercouri
    Melina Mercouri

    Greek actress, singer, and politician, 9th greek minister of culture (d. 1994).

See more famous people and celebrities born on October 18th


October 18, 2010: How old are you if you were born on that day?

You are 13 years 6 months old,

or 162 months and 1 day old,

or 704 weeks and 4 days old,

or 4932 days old,

if you were born on October 18, 2010.

How many days until your next birthday if you were born on October 18, 2010?

There are 182 days until your next birthday, which will occur on Friday October 18th 2024.

What generation do you belong to if you were born on October 18, 2010?

You belong to the Gen Z generation if you were born on October 18, 2010.


October 18, 2010: What famous people died on that day?

Famous people died on October 18, 2010:

  • Garritt Rietveld

    Garritt Rietveld was a Dutch physicist known for his contributions to the development of X-ray crystallography.

  • Billy Raimondi

    American baseball player (b. 1912).

  • Marion Brown

    American saxophonist and musicologist (b. 1931).

  • Remo Germani
  • Consuelo Crespi
  • Mel Hopkins
  • Vera Hatz
  • Juan Miguel Bákula Patiño

What famous deaths happened on October 18th?

Famous deaths on October 18th:

  • Sylvia Kristel
    Sylvia Kristel

    Dutch actress, famous for her role in the 1970s erotic film "emanuelle" (and its sequels).

  • Julie London
    Julie London

    American actress and breathy blues singer.

  • Gwen Verdon
    Gwen Verdon

    American dancer and tony-award winner, she took lessons from age two to strengthen her legs.

  • Tsuru Aoki
    Tsuru Aoki

    American actress born in japan (born 1892).

  • Henry Travers
    Henry Travers

    Actor (bells of st mary high sierra), dies at the age of 91.

  • Thos Alva Edison

    Inventor of the phonograph and the electric light bulb.

  • Thomos Edison

    Inventor of the phonograph and the electric light bulb.

  • Elizabeth Arden

    Canadian-american entrepreneur who owns beauty salons, spas, and sells cosmetic products.

  • Primus Babbage

    Primus Babbage was an English mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and mechanical engineer who is best known for originating the concept of...

See more famous people and celebrities who died on October 18th


October 18, 2010: What are the Holidays, Observances and Saints celebrated on that day?

Holidays on October 18, 2010:

  • Also see October 18 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • French Republican Calendar - Piment (Chili Pepper) Day, twenty-seventh day in the Month of VendTmiaire
  • R.C. Church, Anglican communion, et alii - Feast of Saint Luke the Evangelist
  • USA : Alaska: Alaska Day
vinyl songs

October 18, 2010: Number 1 song on that day

The number 1 song on October 18, 2010 is the best selling or most popular song as resulting from the music charts in the week October 18th and October 24th. It changes depending on Countries, Music Genres and methodology used to rank the most popular song (for ex., sales, streaming).

October 18, 2010: What was the number 1 song in the USA on that day?

The number 1 song in the USA on October 18, 2010 was Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars, according to the music chart for the week October 18th and October 24th.

October 18, 2010: What was the music chart in the USA on that day?

The music chart in the USA on October 18, 2010 is the list of the most popular songs across all genres for the week October 18th and October 24th. It included the following Top 5 songs:

  1. - Just The Way You Are
  2. - Like A G6
  3. - Just A Dream
  4. - Teenage Dream youtube
  5. - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

October 18, 2010: What was the number 1 R&B song on that day?

The number 1 R&B song on October 18, 2010 was Deuces by Chris Brown Featuring Tyga & Kevin McCall, according to the R&B music chart for the week October 18th and October 24th.

October 18, 2010: What was the R&B music chart on that day?

The R&B music chart on October 18, 2010 is the list of the most popular R&B songs for the week October 18th and October 24th. It included the following Top 5 R&B songs:

  1. - Deuces
  2. - Bottoms Up
  3. - Holding You Down (Goin In Circles)
  4. - Can't Be Friends
  5. - Love All Over Me

October 18, 2010: What was the number 1 Latin song on that day?

The number 1 Latin song on October 18, 2010 was Nina De Mi Corazon by La Arrolladora Banda el Limon de Rene Camacho, according to the Latin music chart for the week October 18th and October 24th.

October 18, 2010: What was the Latin music chart on that day?

The Latin music chart on October 18, 2010 is the list of the most popular Latin songs for the week October 18th and October 24th. It included the following Top 5 Latin songs:

  1. - Nina De Mi Corazon
  2. - I Like It
  3. - Cuando Me Enamoro
  4. - Dime Que Me Quieres
  5. - Al Diablo Lo Nuestro

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October 18, 2010: What were the most popular movies on that day?

The most popular movies on October 18, 2010 were the films released in theaters close to that day with the largest audiences and significant box office revenue, including:



Release year: 2010

Directed by: James Cameron

Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez

Country: United States of America

A Single Man

A Single Man

Release year: 2010

Directed by: Tom Ford

Starring: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode, Nicholas Hoult

Country: United States of America

City Island

City Island

Release year: 2010

Directed by: Raymond De Felitta

Starring: Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Steven Strait, Emily Mortimer

Country: United States of America

Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen

Release year: 2010

Directed by: F. Gary Gray

Starring: Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, Leslie Bibb, Colm Meaney

Country: United States of America



Release year: 2010

Directed by: Lee Daniels

Starring: Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey

Country: United States of America

October 18, 2010: What were the most popular TV Series on that day?

The most popular TV Series on October 18, 2010 were the Televisions Series released on TV close to that day characterized by high ratings, critical acclaim and a large fan base.. They included:



Release year: 2010

Directed by: Matt Aselton

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire

Release year: 2010

Directed by: Martin Scorsese



Release year: 2010

Directed by: John Jeffcoat



Release year: 2010

Country: United States of America



Release year: 2010

Directed by: Robert F. Slatzer

October 18, 2010: What were the bestselling books on that day?

The bestselling books on October 18, 2010 were the literary works published close to that day that have achieved notable commercial success, including:

Don'T Blink by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

Don'T Blink


Tough reporter who loves his work. . . AND THE WOMAN HE HOLDS OFFICERAfter a difficult assignment, Nick Daniels, a magazine reporter, deserves to be at peace.

American Assassin by Vince Flynn

American Assassin


Vince Flynn, a #1 New York Times bestselling author, introduces Mitch Rapp to his first covert assignment.

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen



#1 National BestsellerWinner, John Gardner Fiction AwardA National Book Critics Circle Award FinalistA Los Angeles Times Book Prize FinalistIn Jonathan Franzen's first novel since The Corrections we have an epic tale of modern love and marriage.

Obama'S Wars by Bob Woodward

Obama'S Wars


Bob Woodward's Obama's Wars is the most intimate and comprehensive portrait of the young commander-in-chief. Woodward presents the inside story of Obama's crucial decisions regarding the Afghanistan War, secret operations in Pakistan, and the global fight against terrorism.

The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris

The Moral Landscape


The End of Faith was Sam Harris's first book. It sparked a global debate about religion. Harris found that almost everyone, from religious fundamentalists and scientists who don't believe in God, agreed on Harris's first book, The End of Faith.

October 18, 2010: What were the most popular videogames on that day?

The most popular videogames on October 18, 2010 were those that achieved widespread recognition and player engagement close to that day, including:

Arcania: Gothic 4

Arcania: Gothic 4

Platform: Microsoft Windows Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4

Genre: Action role-playing

Publisher: JoWooD Entertainment Nordic Games GmbH

Dark Void Zero

Dark Void Zero

Platform: Microsoft Windows, iOS, DSiWare

Genre: Action/Platform

Publisher: Capcom

Attack of the Movies 3D

Attack of the Movies 3D

Platform: Xbox 360, Wii

Genre: Rail shooter

Publisher: Majesco Entertainment

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

Platform: Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Genre: Action role-playing

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night

Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night

Platform: iOS, Windows Phone

Genre: Puzzle, role-playing

Publisher: Konami


Who was the US President on October 18, 2010?

On October 18, 2010 the US President was Barack Obama (Democrat).

Who was the UK Prime Minister on October 18, 2010?

On October 18, 2010 the UK Prime Minister was David Cameron (Conservative).

Who was the Pope on October 18, 2010?

On October 18, 2010 the Pope was Benedict XVI.


What is special about October 18th?

October 18th refers to a specific date on the calendar, which is the 18th day of the month of October. It is a date that occurs annually and is part of the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used around the world.

Over the years several events happened on October 18th, such as:

  • 2018 - War in afghanistan: afghan general and kandahar police chief abdul raziq achakzai are assassinated during a high-level meeting at the governor's compound. the incident took place with u.s. general austin s. miller. according to officials, gen. miller was uninjured while the governor sustained serious injuries. the taliban claim responsibility.
  • 2017 - Syrian civil war: major general issam zahreddine of the syrian republican guard, who is known for leading battles against rebels in aleppo and homs, was killed by a deir ez-zor landmine, according to syrian media.
  • 2016 - Somalia war: somali police claim at least seven people are dead following clashes in which somalia and african union troops drove al-shabab extremists out of afgooye (a town near mogadishu).

Find out more about October 18th


What happened in 2010?

2010 was filled with very interesting events such as

  • Heritage Numismatic Auctions has sold a US 1874 Bickford Gold $10 Pattern at Public Auction for US$1,265,000. The Reed Hawn US 1913 Liberty Head 5-cent Coin sells at $3,737,000.
  • Republican Scott Brown wins Massachusetts' vacant Senate seat, decreasing the Democrats' majority by 59 seats to 41.
  • Spyker, a Dutch auto company, signs a deal with General Motors to purchase Sweden's Saab for US$74 Million in cash and $326,000,000 in deferred shares.

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What was the calendar for October 2010?

October 2010 followed the same calendar system as the rest of that year and the years surrounding it, with October being the 10th month of the year. This calendar is characterized by 12 months, 365 days in a common year, and 366 days in a leap year, such as 2012.

Discover how October 2010 calendar looked like.

Monday October 18, 2010