August 1910 calendar

August 1910

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in August 1910.
The US president was William Howard Taft (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was H. H. Asquith (Liberal), Pope Pius X was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of August 1910?


  • 06 Aug 1910 New York City Mayor Wm J Gaynor seriously wounded during assassination attempt
  • 08 Aug 1910 The US Army installs the first tricycle landing gear on the Army's Wright Flyer.
  • 09 Aug 1910 Alva Fisher patents electric washing machine
  • 14 Aug 1910 6th International Congress of Esperantists held in Washington, DC.
  • 20 Aug 1910 US supported opposition brings down Madriz in Nicaragua
  • 22 Aug 1910 Korea is annexed by Japan with the signing of the Japan : Korea Annexation Treaty, beginning a period of Japanese rule of Korea that lasted until the end of World War II.
  • 23 Aug 1910 Fred Clarke makes a record 4 outfield assists for Pittsburgh
  • 25 Aug 1910 30th US Mens Tennis: Wm Larned beats Thomas Bundy (61 57 60 68 61)
  • 27 Aug 1910 Using 20,137,000 candlepower arc lights, 2 amateur baseball teams play a night game at White Sox Park
  • 28 Aug 1910 Montenegro is proclaimed an independent kingdom under Nicholas I.
  • 29 Aug 1910 Japan changes Korea's name to Chosen and appoints a governor-general to rule its new colony.
  • 20 Aug 1910 Extreme fire weather in the Inland Northwest of the United States causes many small wildfires to coalesce into the Great Fire of 1910, burning approximately 3 million acres (12,000 km) and killing 87 people.
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Music charts

Which were the top hits in August 1910?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Ave Maria
  2. - We Shall Meet Bye and Bye
  3. - I've Got a Pain in My Sawdust
  4. - Ring O' Roses
  5. - Carmen - Il Flor Che Aveci A Me (Flower Song)


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