June 1914 calendar

June 1914

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in June 1914.
The US president was Woodrow Wilson (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was H. H. Asquith (Liberal), Pope Pius X was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of June 1914?


  • 01 Jun 1914 Woodrow Wilson's envoy Edward Mandell House meets with Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • 02 Jun 1914 Glenn Curtiss flies his Langley Aerodrome.
  • 09 Jun 1914 Honus Wagner becomes the first baseball player to get 3,000 hits.
  • 13 Jun 1914 28th US Womens Tennis: Mary K Browne beats Marie Wagner
  • 18 Jun 1914 Mexican Revolution: The ''Constitutionals'' take San Luis Potosí Venustiano Carranza demands Victoriano Huerta's surrender.
  • 19 Jun 1914 54th British Golf Open: Harry Vardon shoots a 306 at Prestwick Club
  • 20 Jun 1914 46th Belmont: Merritt Buxton aboard Luke McLuke wins in 2:20
  • 23 Jun 1914 Mexican Revolution: Pancho Villa takes Zacatecas from Victoriano Huerta.
  • 24 Jun 1914 King Peter I of Serbia names son Alexander the Prince-regent
  • 27 Jun 1914 Jack Johnson beats Frank Moran in 20 for heavyweight boxing title
  • 28 Jun 1914 Austria invades Siberia
  • 29 Jun 1914 Jina Guseva attempts to assassinate Grigori Rasputin at his home town in Siberia.
  • 30 Jun 1914 Among those addressing the Parliament of the United Kingdom on the murdered Archduke are Lords Crewe and Lansdowne in the House of Lords and Messrs Asquith and Law in the Commons.
  • 12 Jun 1914 Massacre of Phocaea: Turkish irregulars slaughter 50 to 100 Greeks and expel thousands of others in an ethnic cleansing operation in the Ottoman Empire.
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Music charts

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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Camp Meeting Band
  2. - While They Were Dancing Around
  3. - I'm Crying Just for You
  4. - He's a Devil in His Own Home Town
  5. - The Original Fox Trot


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