Popular movies week 23 April 1916

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 23/April - 29/April - 1916. Do you remember The End of the World by August Blom or Viviana starring Vivian Rich, George Periolat, Leslie Reed, Sylvia Ashton ?

The End of the World

Directed by: August Blom

Starring: Olaf F√łnss, Carl Lauritzen, Ebba Thomsen, Johanne Fritz-Petersen

Country: United States


Directed by: B. Reeves Eason

Starring: Vivian Rich, George Periolat, Leslie Reed, Sylvia Ashton


Live Wires and Love Sparks

Directed by: Henry Lehrman

Starring: Billie Ritchie, Eva Nelson, Peggy Pearce, Gene Rogers

Just Imagination

Directed by: Louis Myll

Starring: Harry Watson, George Bickel, Dan Crimmins, H.H. McCullum

Nurse Cavell

Directed by: W.J. Lincoln

Starring: Margaret Linden, Arthur Styan, Agnes Keogh, Stewart Garner

The Social Highwayman

Directed by: Edwin August

Starring: Edwin August, John St. Polis, Ormi Hawley, Alice Claire Elliott

The Code of Marcia Gray

Directed by: Frank Lloyd

Starring: Constance Collier, Harry De Vere, Forrest Stanley, Herbert Standing

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