Popular movies week 26 November 1911

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 26/November - 02/December - 1911. Do you remember The Stepsisters by George LeSoir or A Gay Time in Atlantic City starring Jack Hopkins, George Reehm, Mae Hotely, Gladys Cameron ?

Wet Paint

The Stepsisters

Directed by: George LeSoir

Starring: Octavia Handworth, Charles Arling, Pearl White, Henry B. Walthall

A Gay Time in Atlantic City

Directed by: Arthur Hotaling

Starring: Jack Hopkins, George Reehm, Mae Hotely, Gladys Cameron

The Strategy of Anne

Directed by: George D. Baker

Starring: Grace Lewis, James Morrison, Mabel Normand, Sidney Bracey

Der fremde Vogel

Directed by: Urban Gad

Starring: Asta Nielsen, Hans Mierendorff, Eugenie Werner, Louis Ralph

Country: United States

A Victim of Circumstances

Directed by: Mack Sennett

Starring: Fred Mace, Dell Henderson, Lily Cahill, Mabel Normand

The Squatter and the Clown


Directed by: Francis Boggs

Starring: Sydney Ayres, Tom Santschi, Al Ernest Garcia, Frank Richardson

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