Popular movies week 31 October 1915

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 31/October - 06/November - 1915. Do you remember A Tale of Twenty Stories by Vin Moore or Marse Covington starring Edward Connelly, Louise Huff, John J. Williams, Lyster Chambers ?

A Tale of Twenty Stories

Directed by: Vin Moore

Starring: Hank Mann, Vin Moore, May Emory, Ben Corbett

Marse Covington

Directed by: Edwin Carewe

Starring: Edward Connelly, Louise Huff, John J. Williams, Lyster Chambers

The Wolf Man

Directed by: Paul Powell

Starring: Ralph Lewis, Jack Brammall, Richard Cummings, William Hinckley

The Spendthrift

Directed by: Walter Edwin

Starring: Irene Fenwick, Cyril Keightley, Malcolm Duncan, John Nicholson

Per la Patria!

Directed by: Ugo Falena

Starring: Ferruccio Benini, Italia Benini-Sambo, Gioacchino Grassi, Elisa Grassi-Nicola

Fast and Furious


Directed by: Raoul Walsh

Starring: Rockliffe Fellowes, Anna Q. Nilsson, William Sheer, John McCann

Country: United States

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Hard Times

Directed by: Thomas Bentley

Starring: Bransby Williams, Leon M. Lion, Dorothy Bellew, Madge Tree

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