Financial news on December 1st, 2007

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Google to Join Spectrum Auction

Google could use the frequencies to offer nationwide wireless broadband access, competing with DSL and cable. Read more..

By BRAD STONE - The New York Times

Is It Healthy? Food Rating Systems Battle It Out

Consumer groups are rushing to create systems that aim to make sense of conflicting health claims on food labels. Read more..

By ANDREW MARTIN - The New York Times

Lawmakers Set Deal on Raising Fuel Efficiency

Congressional negotiators reached a deal on legislation to require automakers to achieve 35 miles per gallon on average by 2020. Read more..


Roger B. Smith, 82, Ex-Chief of G.M., Dies

Mr. Smith tried to modernize the automaker during the 1980s but instead became associated with its decline. Read more..


Run on Montana Fund

Montana school districts, cities and counties withdrew $247 million from the state’s $2.4 billion investment fund over the past three days after officials said the rating on one of the pool’s holdings was lowered to default. Read more..

By BLOOMBERG NEWS - The New York Times

Samsung Division Is Raided; Executives Are Questioned

Prosecutors raided a financial arm of Samsung in Seoul, South Korea, searching for evidence of a slush fund as they expanded an investigation into a corruption scandal. Read more..

By CHOE SANG-HUN - The New York Times

Short Seller Sinks Teeth Into Insurer

A hedge fund manager known for shareholder activism has pursued MBIA Inc. with sheer, obsessive doggedness. Read more..

By JOE NOCERA - The New York Times

Strike Prompts Layoffs at NBC

NBC laid off the non-writing staff of its two late-night entertainment shows due to the strike by Hollywood scriptwriters. Read more..

By BILL CARTER - The New York Times

Top Ranks of Women on Wall Street are Shrinking

The top executive ranks at the big Wall Street firms remain largely devoid of women seen with a viable chance of becoming chief executive anytime soon. Read more..

By LANDON THOMAS Jr - The New York Times

U.S. Urges Freezing Some Rates on Loans

Treasury officials said they were pleased by the progress in persuading mortgage lenders to agree to a temporary rate freeze on subprime loans to avert foreclosures. Read more..

By EDMUND L. ANDREWS - The New York Times

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