Popular movies week 5 April 1925

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 05/April - 11/April - 1925. Do you remember Percy by Roy William Neill or Love's Sweet Piffle starring Ralph Graves, Thelma Hill, Vernon Dent, Tiny Ward ?


Directed by: Roy William Neill

Starring: Charles Ray, Louise Dresser, Joseph Kilgour, Clyde McAtee

Love's Sweet Piffle

Directed by: Edgar Kennedy

Starring: Ralph Graves, Thelma Hill, Vernon Dent, Tiny Ward

The Hunted Woman

Directed by: Jack Conway

Starring: Seena Owen, Earl Schenck, Diana Miller, Cyril Chadwick

Mutter und Kind

Directed by: Carl Froelich

Starring: Friedrich Kayßler, Erna Morena, Willy Fritsch, Wilhelm Diegelmann

Hey, Taxi!

Directed by: Ted Burnsten

Starring: Bobby Ray, Oliver Hardy, Marjorie Beebe

Die Blumenfrau vom Potsdamer Platz

Directed by: Jaap Speyer

Starring: Erika Glässner, Ralph Arthur Roberts, Reinhold Schünzel, William Dieterle

Alice the Toreador

Directed by: Walt Disney

Starring: Virginia Davis

Merton of the Goofies

Directed by: Wesley Ruggles

Starring: Alberta Vaughn, George O'Hara, Stanley Taylor, Al Cooke

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