Popular movies week 5 April 1925

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 05/April - 11/April - 1925. Do you remember Zapfenstreich by Conrad Wiene or The Young Nobleman starring Nils Aréhn, Gösta Ekman, Karin Swanström, Anita Dorr ?


Directed by: Conrad Wiene

Starring: Carl Geppert, Bernhard Goetzke, Owen Gorin, Fritz Kampers

The Young Nobleman

Directed by: Rune Carlsten

Starring: Nils Aréhn, Gösta Ekman, Karin Swanström, Anita Dorr

Det store hjerte

Directed by: August Blom

Starring: Alice O'Fredericks, Margarete Schlegel, Viggo Wiehe, Henry Seemann

The House of Youth

Directed by: Ralph Ince

Starring: Jacqueline Logan, Malcolm McGregor, Vernon Steele, Gloria Grey


Screen Snapshots, Series 5, No. 12

Grief in Bagdad

Super Speed

Directed by: Albert S. Rogell

Starring: Reed Howes, Mildred Harris, Charles Clary, Sheldon Lewis

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