Popular movies week 9 April 1916

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 09/April - 15/April - 1916. Do you remember When Rogues Fall Out by J.P. McGowan or Il fuoco (la favilla - la vampa - la cenere) starring Pina Menichelli, Febo Mari ?

When Rogues Fall Out

Directed by: J.P. McGowan

Starring: Helen Holmes, T.J. McDaniels, W.R. Weber, Leo D. Maloney

Il fuoco (la favilla - la vampa - la cenere)

Directed by: Giovanni Pastrone

Starring: Pina Menichelli, Febo Mari

Il gabinetto n. 13

Directed by: Eleuterio Rodolfi

Starring: Edwige Bottini D'Altavilla, Armand Pouget, Eleuterio Rodolfi, Ersilia Scalpellini

The Vampires: Dead Man's Escape

Directed by: Louis Feuillade

Starring: Jean Aymé, Édouard Mathé, Marcel Lévesque, Fernand Herrmann

The Woman in the Box

Directed by: Harry Davenport

Starring: Harry T. Morey, Peggy Blake, L. Rogers Lytton, George Cooper

The Wrong Mr. Wright

Directed by: C.J. Williams

Starring: Garry McGarry, Charles Wellesley, Jewell Hunt, Harry Fisher

Sally in Our Alley

Directed by: Laurence Trimble

Starring: Hilda Trevelyan, Reginald Owen, Mary Dibley, Edward O'Neill

The Red Mouse

Directed by: John W. Noble

Starring: Francis X. Bushman, Beverly Bayne, John Davidson, Etta Mansfield

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