Popular movies week 19 August 1951

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 19/August - 25/August - 1951. Do you remember Oh! Susanna by Joseph Kane or St. Benny the Dip starring Dick Haymes, Nina Foch, Roland Young, Lionel Stander ?

Oh! Susanna

Directed by: Joseph Kane

Starring: Rod Cameron, Lorna Gray, Forrest Tucker, Chill Wills

St. Benny the Dip

Directed by: Edgar G. Ulmer

Starring: Dick Haymes, Nina Foch, Roland Young, Lionel Stander

Country: United States

Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.

Directed by: Raoul Walsh

Starring: Gregory Peck, Virginia Mayo, Robert Beatty, Moultrie Kelsall

Country: United States

The Lemon Drop Kid

Directed by: Sidney Lanfield, Frank Tashlin

Starring: Bob Hope, Marilyn Maxwell, Lloyd Nolan, Jane Darwell


Directed by: Lewis Allen

Starring: Eleanor Parker, Richard Carlson, Patricia Medina, Joseph Calleia

Royal Wedding

Directed by: Stanley Donen

Starring: Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford, Sarah Churchill

Country: United States

Darling, How Could You!

Directed by: Mitchell Leisen

Starring: Joan Fontaine, John Lund, Mona Freeman, Peter Hansen

Puerto de tentación

Directed by: René Cardona

Starring: Julio Ahuet, Ramón Armengod, José Arratia, Victorio Blanco

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