April 1942 calendar

April 1942

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in April 1942.
The US president was Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was Winston Churchill (Conservative), Pope Pius XII was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of April 1942?


  • 01 Apr 1942 Allied air raid on harbor city Kupang, Timor.
  • 05 Apr 1942 World War II: The Imperial Japanese Navy launches a carrier-based air attack on Colombo, Ceylon during the Indian Ocean Raid. Port and civilian facilities are damaged and the Royal Navy cruisers HMS Cornwall and HMS Dorsetshire are sunk southwest of the island.
  • 09 Apr 1942 Battle of Bataan-US-Filipino forces overwhelmed by Japanese at Bataan
  • 10 Apr 1942 Cigarettes and candy rationed in Holland.
  • 11 Apr 1942 Distinguished Service Medal for Merchant Marines authorized.
  • 12 Apr 1942 Japan kills about 400 Filipino officers in Bataan.
  • 13 Apr 1942 The United States Federal Communications Commission's minimum programming time required of TV stations is cut from 15 hours to 4 hours a week during the war.
  • 14 Apr 1942 Destroyer Roper sinks German submarine U-85 off US east coast.
  • 15 Apr 1942 George VI awards George Cross to people of Malta
  • 16 Apr 1942 King George VI awards George Cross to Island of Malta
  • 17 Apr 1942 Operations begin to destroy Sobibor Concentration Camp.
  • 18 Apr 1942 James H Doolittle bombs Tokyo and other Japanese cities
  • 19 Apr 1942 46th Boston Marathon won by Joe Smith of Massachusetts in 2:26:51.2.
  • 20 Apr 1942 German occupiers forbid Dutch access to their beach.
  • 21 Apr 1942 World War II: The most famous (and first international) Aggie Muster is held on the Philippine island of Corregidor, by Brigadier General George F. Moore (with 25 fellow Texas A&M graduates who are under his command), while 1.8 million pounds of shells pounded the island over a 5 hour attack.
  • 23 Apr 1942 William Temple enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • 26 Apr 1942 The Benxihu Colliery accident in Manchukuo leaves 1549 Chinese miners dead.
  • 27 Apr 1942 Tornado destroys Pryor, Oklahoma, USA killing 100, injuring 300.
  • 28 Apr 1942 Nightly "dim-out" begins along the US East Coast.
  • 29 Apr 1942 Jews forced to wear a Jewish Star in the Netherlands and Vichy-France
  • 30 Apr 1942 First submarine built on Great Lakes is launched, (Peto), Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA.
  • 03 Apr 1942 World War II: Japanese forces begin an assault on the United States and Filipino troops on the Bataan Peninsula.


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