Financial news on September 3rd, 2007

Business and Financial news
Anacleto Angelini, Chilean Billionaire, Dead at 93

Mr. Angelini built his fortune by investing in fishing and then forestry companies in Chile after emigrating from Italy in 1948. Read more..

By BLOOMBERG NEWS - The New York Times

Blurring by Choice and Passion

With work-anywhere technology and a rise in entrepreneurship, people who blur the line between work and play are in good company. Read more..

By MARCI ALBOHER - The New York Times

Few Expect a Panacea in a Rate Cut by the Fed

Some policy makers caution that the central bank’s main tool to keep the economy from sliding into recession may be ill-suited to the problem it faces. Read more..

By EDMUND L. ANDREWS - The New York Times

First Order a Plane Ticket. Then Grumble About Delays.

Orbitz is offering a Web site that lets travelers post last-minute tips that can ease a painful travel experience. Read more..

By BOB TEDESCHI - The New York Times

For Ralph Lauren, a New Side of Polo as Sponsor

For the first time since it trademarked the “Polo” brand name in 1967, Polo Ralph Lauren has sponsored a polo team in the United States. Read more..

By ANDREW ADAM NEWMAN - The New York Times

New Schizophrenia Drug Shows Promise in Trials

An experimental drug lessened schizophrenia symptoms without the serious side effects of current treatments. Read more..

By ALEX BERENSON - The New York Times

Picking Up the Pace in Business TV

For 13 years, Bloomberg Television has happily remained something of a secret. But as the marketplace for television business news heats up, that could change. Read more..

By BRIAN STELTER - The New York Times

Popular Demand

Bill Clinton’s new book, “Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World,” will be out tomorrow, and he will appear on both “Oprah” and “Late Night With David Letterman” as he starts a national book tour (a portion of the proceeds will go to charity)... Read more..

By SHELLY FREIERMAN - The New York Times

Software via the Internet: Microsoft in ‘Cloud’ Computing

The company plans to make available free software that connects its Windows operating system to software services delivered on the Internet. Read more..

By JOHN MARKOFF - The New York Times

Whiting Out the Ads, but at What Cost?

A software program that blocks ads is a two-edged sword: It stops annoyances for consumers, but it threatens to break down the business model that helps pay for Web content. Read more..

By NOAM COHEN - The New York Times

Exchange Rates of September 3rd, 2007
CurrenciesExchange Rates
US DollarJapanese Yen1 USD = 115.930 JPY1 JPY = 0.009 USD
US DollarCanadian Dollar1 USD = 1.053 CAD1 CAD = 0.950 USD
US DollarSwiss Franc1 USD = 1.209 CHF1 CHF = 0.827 USD
US DollarChinese Yuan1 USD = 7.545 CNY1 CNY = 0.133 USD
EuroJapanese Yen1 EUR = 157.940 JPY1 JPY = 0.006 EUR
EuroPound Sterling1 EUR = 0.675 GBP1 GBP = 1.482 EUR
EuroAustralian Dollar1 EUR = 1.656 AUD1 AUD = 0.604 EUR
EuroCanadian Dollar1 EUR = 1.434 CAD1 CAD = 0.697 EUR
EuroSwiss Franc1 EUR = 1.647 CHF1 CHF = 0.607 EUR
Japanese YenPound Sterling1 JPY = 0.427 GBP1 GBP = 2.342 JPY
Japanese YenAustralian Dollar1 JPY = 1.048 AUD1 AUD = 0.954 JPY
Japanese YenCanadian Dollar1 JPY = 0.908 CAD1 CAD = 1.102 JPY
Japanese YenSwiss Franc1 JPY = 1.042 CHF1 CHF = 0.959 JPY
Pound SterlingAustralian Dollar1 GBP = 2.454 AUD1 AUD = 0.408 GBP
Pound SterlingCanadian Dollar1 GBP = 2.126 CAD1 CAD = 0.470 GBP
Pound SterlingSwiss Franc1 GBP = 2.440 CHF1 CHF = 0.410 GBP
Australian DollarCanadian Dollar1 AUD = 0.866 CAD1 CAD = 1.155 AUD
Australian DollarSwiss Franc1 AUD = 0.994 CHF1 CHF = 1.006 AUD
Canadian DollarSwiss Franc1 CAD = 1.148 CHF1 CHF = 0.871 CAD

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