Popular movies week 1 May 1910

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 01/May - 07/May - 1910. Do you remember Macbeth by Mario Caserini or The Life of Moses starring Pat Hartigan, Julia Arthur, William Humphrey ?


Directed by: Mario Caserini

Starring: Dante Cappelli, Maria Caserini, Amleto Palormi

Country: United States

The Life of Moses

Directed by: J. Stuart Blackton

Starring: Pat Hartigan, Julia Arthur, William Humphrey

Country: United States

Le roi des parfums

Starring: Rene Carl, Maurice Vinot

Country: United States

Jane Eyre

Directed by: Theodore Marston

Starring: Marie Eline, Gloria Gallop, Frank Hall Crane

Country: United States

Anna Karenina

Starring: Suzy Prim, Suzanne Privat, Sverin-Mars

Country: United States

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Gentleman Joe

Directed by: Harry Carey

Starring: Alberto Capozzi, Arrigo Amerio, Oreste Grandi

Country: United States

El pobre Valbuena

Directed by: Segundo de Chomn

Starring: Philip Bech, Aage Bjrnbak, Alfred Cohn

Country: United States

La expiación

Directed by: Segundo de Chomn

Starring: Andrs Cabot Puig

Country: United States

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