Popular movies week 1 November 1914

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 01/November - 07/November - 1914. Do you remember 'Cross the Mexican Line by Wallace Reid or The Man in the Dark starring Frank McGlynn Sr., Mabel Dwight, Yale Benner, William West ?

'Cross the Mexican Line

Directed by: Wallace Reid

Starring: Wallace Reid, Dorothy Davenport, William Steele, Phil Dunham

The Man in the Dark

Directed by: John H. Collins

Starring: Frank McGlynn Sr., Mabel Dwight, Yale Benner, William West

The Master Cracksman

Directed by: Harry Carey

Starring: Harry Carey, E.A. Locke, Rexford Burnett, Fern Foster

'Round the World in 80 Days

Starring: Sidney Drew, Edith Storey, Charles Kent

Country: United States

The Kidnapped Bride

Directed by: Frank Griffin

Starring: Eva Bell, Raymond McKee, Frank Griffin, Oliver Hardy

Le mariage forcé

Directed by: Max Linder

Starring: Max Linder, Jacques Vandenne

A Change of Heart

Directed by: Theodore Wharton

Starring: Thurlow Bergen, Elsie Esmond, M.O. Penn

Gatans barn

Directed by: Victor Sjöström

Starring: Lili Beck, Stina Berg, Emil Bergendorff, Sven Bergvall

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