Popular movies week 3 May 1914

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 03/May - 09/May - 1914. Do you remember Les misères de l'aiguille by Raphäel Clamour or Trompe-la-Mort starring Alexandre Arquillière, Paul Guidé, Henri Gouget, Renée Sylvaire ?

Les misères de l'aiguille

Directed by: Raphäel Clamour

Starring: Lina Clamour, Armand Guerra, Michelet, Musidora

Corfu, an Isle of the Ionian Sea

The Last Dance


Directed by: Charles Krauss

Starring: Alexandre Arquillière, Paul Guidé, Henri Gouget, Renée Sylvaire

The Trap

Directed by: Charles Giblyn

Starring: Tom Chatterton, Ramona Radcliffe, William Ehfe, Harrington Reynolds

Judith of Bethulia

Directed by: D.W. Griffith

Starring: Blanche Sweet, Henry B. Walthall, Mae Marsh, Robert Harron

Country: United States

The Town of Nazareth

I Stævnemødets Time

Directed by: Sofus Wolder

Starring: Ingeborg Bruhn Bertelsen, Oluf Billesborg, Frederik Buch, Vera Esbøll

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