Popular movies week 27 July 1947

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 27/July - 02/August - 1947. Do you remember Range Beyond the Blue by Ray Taylor or Deep Valley starring Ida Lupino, Dane Clark, Wayne Morris, Fay Bainter ?

Range Beyond the Blue

Directed by: Ray Taylor

Starring: Eddie Dean, Flash, Roscoe Ates, Helen Mowery

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Deep Valley

Directed by: Jean Negulesco

Starring: Ida Lupino, Dane Clark, Wayne Morris, Fay Bainter

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Something in the Wind

Directed by: Irving Pichel

Starring: Deanna Durbin, Donald O'Connor, John Dall, Charles Winninger

Blondie's Holiday

Directed by: Abby Berlin

Starring: Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Larry Simms, Marjorie Ann Mutchie

Die Glücksmühle

Directed by: Emmerich Hanus

Starring: Thea Weis, Martha Lukas, Erich Dörner, Karl Skraup

Hit Parade of 1947

Directed by: Frank McDonald

Starring: Eddie Albert, Constance Moore, Joan Edwards, Gil Lamb


Directed by: William Keighley

Starring: Shirley Temple, Franchot Tone, Guy Madison, Lina Romay

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Time Out of Mind

Directed by: Robert Siodmak

Starring: Phyllis Calvert, Robert Hutton, Ella Raines, Eddie Albert

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