Popular movies week 28 April 1929

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 28/April - 04/May - 1929. Do you remember Haus Nummer 17 by Géza von Bolváry or Z ramion w ramiona starring Marian Jednowski, Krystyna Ankwicz, Antoni Cwojdzinski ?

Haus Nummer 17

Directed by: Géza von Bolváry

Starring: Guy Newall, Lien Deyers, Carl de Vogt, Fritz Greiner

Z ramion w ramiona

Directed by: Artur Twardyjewicz

Starring: Marian Jednowski, Krystyna Ankwicz, Antoni Cwojdzinski

Kogane no hana

The Greyhound Limited

Directed by: Howard Bretherton

Starring: Monte Blue, Edna Murphy, Grant Withers, Lucy Beaumont

Crystal Champions

Directed by: Jack Eaton

Starring: Pete Desjardins, Helen Meany, Martha Norelius, Newton Perry

Why Is a Plumber?

Directed by: Leo McCarey

Starring: Edgar Kennedy, Gertrude Sutton, Albert Conti, Eddie Dunn

Show Boat

Directed by: Harry A. Pollard, Arch Heath

Starring: Laura La Plante, Joseph Schildkraut, Emily Fitzroy, Otis Harlan

The Veiled Woman

Directed by: Emmett J. Flynn

Starring: Lia Torá, Paul Vincent, Walter McGrail, Josef Swickard

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