Popular movies week 30 April 1922

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 30/April - 06/May - 1922. Do you remember Præsten i Vejlby by August Blom or Across the Deadline starring Frank Mayo, Russell Simpson, Wilfred Lucas, Lydia Knott ?

Præsten i Vejlby

Directed by: August Blom

Starring: Hans Dynesen, Peter Nielsen, Clara Schønfeld, Ingeborg Spangsfeldt

Across the Deadline

Directed by: Jack Conway

Starring: Frank Mayo, Russell Simpson, Wilfred Lucas, Lydia Knott

Die Erlebnisse einer Kammerzofe

Directed by: Gerhard Lamprecht

Starring: Ria Alldorf, Olaf Bach, Oswald Delmor, Levanni Ganni

My Boy

Directed by: Albert Austin, Victor Heerman

Starring: Mathilde Brundage, Claude Gillingwater, Jackie Coogan, Frank Hayes

Let's Go: To the South Seas

The Light in the Clearing

Directed by: T. Hayes Hunter

Starring: Eugenie Besserer, Clara Horton, A. Edward Sutherland, George Hackathorne

Through a Glass Window

Directed by: Maurice Campbell

Starring: May McAvoy, Fanny Midgley, Burwell Hamrick, Raymond McKee

The Lure of Jade

Directed by: Colin Campbell

Starring: Pauline Frederick, Thomas Holding, Arthur Rankin, Léon Bary

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