How old am I if I was born on January 20th, 1916?

If your birthday is on January 20th, 1916 you are:

105 years 8 months and 26 days

or 1268 months and 26 days

or 5517 weeks and 2 days

or 38621 days


You belong to the Greatest Generation.

On your day of birth it was Thursday, (see January 1916 calendar). Planets were aligned according to January 20th, 1916 zodiac chart.

You share your birthday with some famous people such as:

  • David Lynch

    American director and screenwriter, one of the most talented and imaginative contemporary film makers of the 20th centur...

  • Evan Peters

    TV Actor

  • Bill Maher

    American entertainer, host of the humorous TV shows "Politically Incorrect" (1997) and “Real Time with Bill Maher” (2003...

  • Omar Sy

    French film actor, best known for his duo with Fred Testot, Omar et Fred, and for his role in Intouchables, written and...

  • Stacey Dash

    American actress

In 1916 the most popular girl names were: Mary, Helen, and Dorothy and boy names were John, William, and James.

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