Thursday October 24, 1912

US date format: 10/24/1912, UK date format: 24/10/1912

It was Thursday, under the sign of Scorpio (see birth chart on October 24, 1912). The US president was William Howard Taft (Republican). The Cameraman's Revenge, directed by Ladislas Starevich, was one of the most viewed movies released in 1912
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The Cameraman's Revenge

Directed by: Ladislas Starevich

A Grocery Clerk's Romance

Directed by: Mack Sennett

Starring: Ford Sterling, James C. Morton, Gus Pixley, Lincoln Plumer

The Woman in White

Directed by: Tim Frywell

No Trespassing

Directed by: Bobby Bragg

The Voice of Conscience

Directed by: Not Specified


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  • Also see October 24 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • In The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien, the date is mentioned to Frodo Baggins by Gandalf upon his waking in Rivendell.
  • Discordianism - Maladay
  • Zambia - Independence Day (1964)
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  • First Balkan War: The Battle of Kumanovo concludes with the Serbian victory.
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    Top #3 songs in the USA

  1. John McCormack - The Rosary
  2. The Ragtime Jockey Man - Maurice Burkhardt & Peerless Quartet
  3. Goodbye, Everybody - Walter Van Brunt

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