Financial news on December 11th, 2010

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A Madoff Son Hangs Himself on Father’s Arrest Anniversary

Bernard L. Madoff’s son Mark was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on the second anniversary of his father’s arrest. Read more..

By DIANA B. HENRIQUES and AL BAKER - The New York Times

China Tightens Bank Lending Rules

The stronger-than-expected trade figures raise expectations that interest rates will rise. Read more..

By BETTINA WASSENER - The New York Times

Choosing Recipients of Charity

Start by setting a budget for giving, and then divide that pie according to the causes that are important to you. Read more..

By RON LIEBER - The New York Times

Euro Bonds Rejected by Germany and France

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France said citizens of the two nations “would not be pleased if they had to share in paying for the debts of other countries.” Read more..

By JUDY DEMPSEY - The New York Times

Hope for Global Economy in China's Desire to Spend

The United States is counting on hundreds of millions of Chinese to spend more and save less to bolster the global economy. It's a process that is already under way. Read more..

By ALAN WHEATLEY | REUTERS - International Herald Tribune

How to Avoid Being Taken in by a Ponzi Scheme

Nothing brings Ponzi schemes to the surface like a financial crisis. Here are some steps investors can take to keep from being among the victims. Read more..

By PAUL SULLIVAN - The New York Times

The Economic Sweet Spot of Presidential Terms

Since World War II, the median rise in the stock market in the third year of presidential terms has been 18 percent. Read more..

By FLOYD NORRIS - The New York Times

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