Popular movies week 18 March 1923

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 18/March - 24/March - 1923. Do you remember La dette de sang by Gérard Bourgeois or Drums of Fate starring Mary Miles Minter, Maurice 'Lefty' Flynn, George Fawcett, Robert Cain ?

La dette de sang

Directed by: Gérard Bourgeois

Starring: Gaston Norès, Francine Mussey, Maud Garden, Lucio Flamma

Drums of Fate

Directed by: Charles Maigne

Starring: Mary Miles Minter, Maurice 'Lefty' Flynn, George Fawcett, Robert Cain

Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

The Radio Hound

Directed by: Arvid E. Gillstrom

Starring: Brownie the Dog, Johnny Fox, Jack Morgan


Directed by: Emanuel Gregers

Starring: Philip Bech, Marie Dinesen, Aage Fønss, Ellen Gottschalch

Pömperly's Kampf mit dem Schneeschuh

Directed by: Arnold Fanck, Holger-Madsen

Starring: Henry Bender, Josefine Dora, Gert Hugh, Antonie Jaeckel

Lorna Doone

Directed by: Maurice Tourneur

Starring: Madge Bellamy, John Bowers, Frank Keenan, Jack McDonald

Country: United States

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Sodom und Gomorrha

Directed by: Michael Curtiz

Starring: Georg Reimers, Victor Varconi, Lucy Doraine, Erika Wagner

Country: United States

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