Popular movies week 18 March 1923

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 18/March - 24/March - 1923. Do you remember Some Service by William Watson or The Golf Bug starring James Parrott, Jobyna Ralston, George Rowe, Eddie Baker ?

Troubles on the Ark

Some Service

Directed by: William Watson

Starring: Neely Edwards, Bert Roach

The Golf Bug

Directed by: James D. Davis

Starring: James Parrott, Jobyna Ralston, George Rowe, Eddie Baker

Giants of the Open

Directed by: Duke Worne

Starring: Roy Stewart, Andrée Tourneur, Albert J. Smith, Buck Connors

Boyhood Days

Directed by: Harry Edwards

Starring: Buddy Messinger, Marjorie Marcel, Joe Bonner, Blanche Payson

Det gyldne Horn

Directed by: Gunnar Robert Hansen

Starring: Poul Juhl, Ellen Ovrebek, Poul Rohde

Choose Your Weapons

Directed by: Al Christie

Starring: Bobby Vernon, Charlotte Stevens, Earle Rodney, Maude Truax

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When the Desert Calls

Directed by: Ray C. Smallwood

Starring: Violet Heming, Robert Frazer, Sheldon Lewis, Huntley Gordon

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