Financial news on March 24th, 2007

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Apple Cult Becoming a Religion

Apple is finally being taken seriously not just by the true believers, but by just about everybody. Read more..

By DAN MITCHELL - The New York Times

At Zimmer, a Raise Based Largely on a Bonus and Incentives

The total compensation for J. Raymond Elliott, head of Zimmer Holdings, was 16.3 percent higher last year than in 2005. Read more..

By BARNABY J. FEDER - The New York Times

BP Plans to Bid for Yukos Assets in Auction

The surprise announcement signaled BP’s deepening involvement in Russia’s turbulent energy sector. Read more..

By ANDREW E. KRAMER - The New York Times

Democrats Consider Deal for Passage of Trade Pacts

The proposal is intended to resolve disagreements over labor, environmental and other issues blocking approval of pending trade deals. Read more..

By STEVEN R. WEISMAN - The New York Times

Europeans Are Kicking Off a Quiet Revolution in Worldwide Banking

Even if Barclays and ABN fail to combine, the talks may help start a round of cross-border banking mergers in Europe. Read more..

By JULIA WERDIGIER - The New York Times

Heavy Bag (and You Know Who You Are), Meet This Fist

Three minutes of sparring and the sweet science becomes a test of stamina for a white-collar boxer. Read more..

By HARRY HURT III - The New York Times

Key Shareholder Rejects Bid for Qantas

Private equity firms seeking to buy the airline extended the deadline for completing a deal by two weeks. Read more..

By TIM JOHNSTON - The New York Times

Tax Loans Are Losing Some Allure

Refund anticipation loans, the money-making service provided by tax preparers, appear to be falling on hard times. Read more..

By DAMON DARLIN - The New York Times

U.S. News & World Report Editor Resigns

Brian Duffy has left the magazine to write a book and his job responsibilities have been given to his No. 2, Brian Kelly. Read more..

By LOUISE STORY - The New York Times

Windfall Time: When Angels Battle Demons

Battling the irresistible impulse to allocate a windfall of money — or spend it — long before you even have the cash. Read more..

By M. P. DUNLEAVEY - The New York Times

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