Popular movies week 2 January 1916

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 02/January - 08/January - 1916. Do you remember Om kap med døden by Robert Dinesen or The Substituted Jewel starring Marin Sais, True Boardman, Frank Jonasson, Paul Hurst ?

Om kap med døden

Directed by: Robert Dinesen

Starring: Moritz Bielawski, Robert Dinesen, Thorleif Lund, Axel Mattsson

The Substituted Jewel

Directed by: James W. Horne

Starring: Marin Sais, True Boardman, Frank Jonasson, Paul Hurst

The House of a Thousand Candles

Directed by: Thomas N. Heffron

Starring: Harry Mestayer, Grace Darmond, John Charles, George Backus

The Folly of Sin

Directed by: Robert Dinesen

Starring: Carlo Wieth, Johanne Fritz-Petersen, Henry Seemann, Betzy Kofoed


The Incorrigible Dukane

Directed by: James Durkin

Starring: John Barrymore, William T. Carleton, Helen Weir, Stewart Baird

On Dangerous Paths

Directed by: John H. Collins

Starring: Viola Dana, Helen Strickland, William West, Pat O'Malley

The Master Hand

Directed by: Harley Knoles

Starring: Nat C. Goodwin, Theodore Babcock, Julia Stuart, Florence Malone

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