Popular movies week 14 July 1940

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 14/July - 20/July - 1940. Do you remember Convoy by Pen Tennyson or Rhythm of the Rio Grande starring Tex Ritter, Suzan Dale, Warner Richmond, Martin Garralaga ?


Directed by: Pen Tennyson

Starring: Clive Brook, John Clements, Edward Chapman, Judy Campbell

Rhythm of the Rio Grande

Directed by: Albert Herman

Starring: Tex Ritter, Suzan Dale, Warner Richmond, Martin Garralaga

Il ponte dei sospiri

Directed by: Mario Bonnard

Starring: Paola Barbara, Otello Toso, Mariella Lotti, Giulio Donadio


Directed by: Edwin L. Marin

Starring: Robert Young, Helen Gilbert, Charles Coburn, Lee Bowman

You Can't Fool Your Wife

Directed by: Ray McCarey

Starring: Lucille Ball, James Ellison, Robert Coote, William Halligan

Half a Sinner

Directed by: Al Christie

Starring: Heather Angel, John 'Dusty' King, Constance Collier, Walter Catlett

Star Dust

Directed by: Walter Lang

Starring: Linda Darnell, John Payne, Roland Young, Charlotte Greenwood

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Shooting High

Directed by: Alfred E. Green

Starring: Jane Withers, Gene Autry, Marjorie Weaver, Frank M. Thomas

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