Popular movies week 14 October 1928

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 14/October - 20/October - 1928. Do you remember Calford in the Movies by Nat Ross or Skirts starring Syd Chaplin, Betty Balfour, Edmund Breon, Nancy Rigg ?

Face Value

Calford in the Movies

Directed by: Nat Ross

Starring: George J. Lewis, Dorothy Gulliver, Eddie Phillips, Hayden Stevenson


Directed by: Wheeler Dryden, Jess Robbins

Starring: Syd Chaplin, Betty Balfour, Edmund Breon, Nancy Rigg

Madame Récamier

Directed by: Tony Lekain, Gaston Ravel

Starring: Marie Bell, Françoise Rosay, Edmond Van Daële, François Rozet

Listen Children

Directed by: Norman Taurog

Starring: Lloyd Hamilton, Jack Miller, Al Thompson, Jackie Levine

The Vanishing Hand

Directed by: George J. Banfield, Leslie Eveleigh

Starring: Cynthia Murtagh, Hugh Dempster, Annesley Hely, Albert E. Raynor

Baby Feud

Kit Carson

Directed by: Lloyd Ingraham, Alfred L. Werker

Starring: Fred Thomson, Nora Lane, Dorothy Janis, Raoul Paoli

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