Popular movies week 4 July 1926

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 04/July - 10/July - 1926. Do you remember Le fauteuil 47 by Gaston Ravel or Ukulele Sheiks starring Glenn Tryon, James Finlayson, Mack Swain, Vivien Oakland ?

Le fauteuil 47

Directed by: Gaston Ravel

Starring: André Roanne, Erna Morena, Muriel Dunsmuir, Maurice Salvany

What Price Swimming

Sawdust and Spangles

Ukulele Sheiks

Directed by: Fred Guiol

Starring: Glenn Tryon, James Finlayson, Mack Swain, Vivien Oakland

Oxford Bags

Directed by: Norman Walker

Starring: Peter Haddon, Ena Grossmith, Rosaline Courtneidge

Green Pastures

Stacked Cards

Directed by: Robert Eddy

Starring: Fred Church, Kathryn McGuire, Robert Thurston, John Watson

Old Loves and New

Directed by: Maurice Tourneur

Starring: Lewis Stone, Barbara Bedford, Walter Pidgeon, Katherine MacDonald

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