Popular movies week 4 March 1945

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 04/March - 10/March - 1945. Do you remember Vingt-quatre heures de perm' by Maurice Cloche or One Exciting Night starring Vera Lynn, Donald Stewart, Mary Clare, Frederick Leister ?

Vingt-quatre heures de perm'

Directed by: Maurice Cloche

Starring: George Rigaud, Blanchette Brunoy, Julien Carette, Jean Brochard

One Exciting Night

Directed by: Walter Forde

Starring: Vera Lynn, Donald Stewart, Mary Clare, Frederick Leister

The Woman in the Window

Directed by: Fritz Lang

Starring: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Raymond Massey, Edmund Breon

Country: United States

The Gay Intruders

Directed by: Maurice Elvey

Starring: Godfrey Tearle, Jeanne De Casalis, Morland Graham, Mabel Constanduros

I'm from Arkansas

Directed by: Lew Landers

Starring: Slim Summerville, El Brendel, Iris Adrian, Bruce Bennett

Lightning Raiders

Directed by: Sam Newfield

Starring: Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Mady Lawrence, Henry Hall

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Cyclone Prairie Rangers

Directed by: Benjamin H. Kline

Starring: Charles Starrett, Dub Taylor, Constance Worth, Jimmie Davis

Something for the Boys

Directed by: Lewis Seiler

Starring: Carmen Miranda, Michael O'Shea, Vivian Blaine, Phil Silvers

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