Popular movies week 12 January 1913

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 12/January - 18/January - 1913. Do you remember Wenn die Maske fällt by Urban Gad or Silver Blaze starring Georges Tréville, Mr. Moyse ?

Wenn die Maske fällt

Directed by: Urban Gad

Starring: Asta Nielsen, Fritz Weidemann, Frau Gude, Reinhold Pasch

Silver Blaze

Directed by: Adrien Caillard

Starring: Georges Tréville, Mr. Moyse

The Prospector's Daughter

Directed by: Thomas H. Ince

Starring: Ann Little, Charles K. French, Ethel Grandin, Ray Myers

A Hospital Hoax

Directed by: Pat Hartigan

Starring: John E. Brennan, Ruth Roland, Edward Coxen, Bert Glennon

Pilgrim's Progress

Directed by: Francis Powers

Starring: Warner Oland, Ethel Clayton, Clifford Leigh

Specter of the Sea

Directed by: Curt A. Stark

Starring: Lizzy Krueger, Henny Porten, Frau Retzlag, Curt A. Stark

The Price of Paradise

Directed by: Unavailable

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Dämon Eifersucht

Directed by: Max Mack

Starring: Ewald Brückner, Max Mack, Hanni Weisse

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