Popular movies week 29 January 1911

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 29/January - 04/February - 1911. Do you remember Gentleman Joe by Harry Carey or It Is Never Too Late to Mend starring Stanley Walpole ?

Gentleman Joe

Directed by: Harry Carey

Starring: Alberto Capozzi, Arrigo Amerio, Oreste Grandi

Country: United States

It Is Never Too Late to Mend

Directed by: W.J. Lincoln

Starring: Stanley Walpole

Jack Fat and Jim Slim at Coney Island

The Iron Foundry

Directed by: Luigi Maggi

Starring: Paolo Azzurri, Alberto Capozzi, Luigi Maggi, Romilde Nigra

A Record Hustle Through Foggy London

Little Dorothy

Lebender Marmor

Mrs. Barrington's House Party

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