November 1920 calendar

November 1920

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in November 1920.
The US president was Woodrow Wilson (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was David Lloyd George (Liberal), Pope Benedict XV was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of November 1920?


  • 01 Nov 1920 Warren Harding elected 29th President
  • 02 Nov 1920 Warren G Harding elected President.
  • 07 Nov 1920 Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow issues a decree that leads to the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.
  • 08 Nov 1920 Actress Edna Lewis Thomas debuts at Putnam Theatre Brooklyn
  • 11 Nov 1920 The Unknown Warrior is buried in Westminster Abbey.
  • 12 Nov 1920 Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis elected first baseball commissioner.
  • 15 Nov 1920 Free City of Danzig established under League of Nations protection.
  • 16 Nov 1920 1st postage stamp meter is set in Stamford Conn
  • 17 Nov 1920 The council of the League of Nations accepts the constitution for the Free City of Danzig.
  • 18 Nov 1920 Apollo Theater (Academy, Bryant) opens at 221 W 42nd St, New York City
  • 20 Nov 1920 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to US President W Wilson
  • 21 Nov 1920 Irish War of Independence: In Dublin, 31 people are killed in what became known as ''Bloody Sunday''. This included fourteen British informants, fourteen Irish civilians and three Irish Republican Army prisoners.
  • 25 Nov 1920 1st Thanksgiving Parade (Philadelphia)
  • 28 Nov 1920 Irish War of Independence: Kilmichael Ambush - The Irish Republican Army ambush a convoy of British Auxiliaries and kill seventeen.
  • 03 Nov 1920 Russian Civil War: The Russian Army retreats to Crimea, after a successful offensive by the Red Army and Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine.
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Music charts

Which were the top hits in November 1920?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - The Girls of My Dreams
  2. - The Japanese Sandman
  3. - I'll be with You in Apple Blossom Time
  4. - Dardanella Blues
  5. - My Little Bimbo Down on the Bimbo Isle


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?