Popular movies week 5 October 1919

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 05/October - 11/October - 1919. Do you remember The Girl-Woman by Thomas R. Mills or The Sneak starring Gladys Brockwell, William Scott, Alfred Hollingsworth, John Oaker ?

The Girl-Woman

Directed by: Thomas R. Mills

Starring: Gladys Leslie, Maurice Costello, Priestly Morrison, W.E. Lawrence

The Sneak

Directed by: Edward LeSaint

Starring: Gladys Brockwell, William Scott, Alfred Hollingsworth, John Oaker

Can Wives Be Trusted?

Directed by: Al Christie

Starring: James Harrison, Ethel Lynne, Bobby Vernon

The Shepherd of the Hills

Directed by: Louis F. Gottschalk, Harold Bell Wright

Starring: Harry Lonsdale, Catherine Curtis, George A. McDaniel, Don Bailey

Cyclone Smith's Comeback

Directed by: Jacques Jaccard

Starring: Eddie Polo, Eileen Sedgwick, Kate Meyers, J. Edwin Brown

Brown Eyes and Bank Notes

Directed by: James D. Davis

Starring: Lois Nelson, Bob Brownie

Malamute Meg

Directed by: Clifford Smith

Starring: Texas Guinan

New York the Stupendous

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