Popular movies week 10 March 1918

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 10/March - 16/March - 1918. Do you remember The Guilty Man by Irvin Willat or Taking Their Medicine starring Eddie Lyons, Lee Moran, Edith Roberts, Fred Gamble ?

The Guilty Man

Directed by: Irvin Willat

Starring: Vivian Reed, Gloria Hope, William Garwood, J.P. Lockney

Argus Pictorial, No. 7

Taking Their Medicine

Directed by: Roy Clements

Starring: Eddie Lyons, Lee Moran, Edith Roberts, Fred Gamble

Until They Get Me

Directed by: Frank Borzage

Starring: Pauline Starke, Jack Curtis, Joe King, Wilbur Higby

Mary's Merry Mix-Up


Directed by: Anton Giulio Bragaglia

Starring: Augusto Bandini, Alberto Casanova, Thaïs Galitzky, Ileana Leonidoff

Home Run Ambrose

Directed by: Walter S. Fredericks

Starring: Mack Swain, Ray Godfrey

The Volunteer

Directed by: Harley Knoles

Starring: Madge Evans, Henry Hull, Muriel Ostriche, Victor Kennard

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