Popular movies week 13 September 1908

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 13/September - 19/September - 1908. Do you remember At the French Ball by Wallace McCutcheon or The Boston Tea Party starring Charles Ogle, Herbert Prior ?

At the French Ball

Directed by: Wallace McCutcheon

Starring: D.W. Griffith, Linda Arvidson, Edward Dillon, Robert Harron

Never Again

Directed by: Not specifed

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Cat's Revenge

The Boston Tea Party

Directed by: Edwin S. Porter

Starring: Charles Ogle, Herbert Prior

Honesty Is the Best Policy

The Little Flower Girl

King of the Cannibal Islands

Directed by: Wallace McCutcheon

Starring: Harry Solter, D.W. Griffith, Linda Arvidson, Anthony O'Sullivan

Winter Manoeuvres of the Norwegian Army

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