Popular movies week 5 February 1922

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 05/February - 11/February - 1922. Do you remember The Call of Duty by Edward A. Kull or Peacock Alley starring Mae Murray, Monte Blue, Edmund Lowe, William J. Ferguson ?

Elsie and the Brown Bunny

The Call of Duty

Directed by: Edward A. Kull

Starring: George Larkin, Josephine Hill

The Tong Sandwich

Peacock Alley

Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard

Starring: Mae Murray, Monte Blue, Edmund Lowe, William J. Ferguson

Shake 'Em Up

Directed by: Charley Chase

Starring: 'Snub' Pollard, Marie Mosquini, Leo Willis, Sammy Brooks

Söhne der Nacht, 2. Teil - Die Macht der Liebe

Directed by: Manfred Noa

Starring: Hans Albers, Esther Hagan, Edmund Löwe, Ludwig Rex

Fridericus Rex - 2. Teil: Vater und Sohn

Directed by: Arzén von Cserépy

Starring: Otto Gebühr, Albert Steinrück, Gertrud de Lalsky, Erna Morena

Teddy's Goat

Directed by: Fred Hibbard

Starring: Baby Peggy, Charles Dorety, Bud Jamison, Viola Dolan

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