Popular movies week 14 September 1930

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 14/September - 20/September - 1930. Do you remember Let's Go Native by Leo McCarey or Caught Short starring Marie Dressler, Polly Moran, Anita Page, Charles Morton ?

Let's Go Native

Directed by: Leo McCarey

Starring: Jack Oakie, Jeanette MacDonald, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, James Hall

A Modern Jean Val Jean; or, A Frame Up

Caught Short

Directed by: Charles Reisner

Starring: Marie Dressler, Polly Moran, Anita Page, Charles Morton

Three Good Friends

Directed by: Wilhelm Thiele

Starring: Willy Fritsch, Lilian Harvey, Heinz R├╝hmann, Oskar Karlweis

Country: United States

Hot Curves

Directed by: Norman Taurog

Starring: Benny Rubin, Pert Kelton, Rex Lease, Alice Day

New Movietone Follies of 1930

Directed by: Benjamin Stoloff

Starring: El Brendel, Marjorie White, Frank Richardson, Noel Francis

The Arizona Kid

Directed by: Alfred Santell

Starring: Warner Baxter, Carole Lombard, Theodore von Eltz, Hank Mann

The Bad Man

Directed by: Clarence G. Badger

Starring: Walter Huston, Dorothy Revier, James Rennie, O.P. Heggie

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