Popular movies week 24 November 1929

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 24/November - 30/November - 1929. Do you remember So This Is College by Sam Wood or The Unholy Night starring Ernest Torrence, Roland Young, Dorothy Sebastian, Natalie Moorhead ?

So This Is College

Directed by: Sam Wood

Starring: Elliott Nugent, Robert Montgomery, Cliff Edwards, Sally Starr

The Unholy Night

Directed by: Lionel Barrymore

Starring: Ernest Torrence, Roland Young, Dorothy Sebastian, Natalie Moorhead

The Fall of Eve

Directed by: Frank R. Strayer

Starring: Patsy Ruth Miller, Ford Sterling, Gertrude Astor, Arthur Rankin

Her Private Affair

Directed by: Paul L. Stein

Starring: Ann Harding, Harry Bannister, John Loder, Kay Hammond

Finding His Voice

Directed by: Max Fleischer, F. Lyle Goldman

Starring: Carlyle Ellis, Billy Murray, Walter Scanlan

High Hat

Directed by: Joseph Santley

Starring: Alice Boulden, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey

Varhaník u sv. Víta

Directed by: Martin Fric

Starring: Karel Hasler, Oscar Marion, Suzanne Marwille, Ladislav H. Struna

Dangerous Curves

Directed by: Lothar Mendes

Starring: Clara Bow, Richard Arlen, Kay Francis, David Newell

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