How old am I if I was born on June 19th, 1929?

If your birthday is on June 19th, 1929 you are:

92 years 5 months and 17 days

or 1109 months and 17 days

or 4824 weeks and 5 days

or 33773 days


You belong to the Silent Generation.

On your day of birth it was Wednesday, (see June 1929 calendar). Planets were aligned according to June 19th, 1929 zodiac chart.

You share your birthday with some famous people such as:

  • Jean Dujardin

    French actor and comedian, he received the Best Actor award at the 2011 film Cannes Film Festival for his portrayal of G...

  • Zoe Saldana

    American actress

  • Paula Abdul

    American singer with Syrian-Brazilian-French-Canadian ancestry.

  • Gena Rowlands

    American actress, a talented blonde star of stage, screen and TV.

  • Salman Rushdie

    Indian writer, a Moslem famed for the condemnation by the Ayatollah of Iran along with his death sentence given on 2/14/...

In 1929 the most popular girl names were: Mary, Betty, and Dorothy and boy names were Robert, James, and John.

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