Popular movies week 6 June 1915

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 06/June - 12/June - 1915. Do you remember The Girl Detective by James W. Horne or Il tesoro della cattedrale starring Nilde Bruno, Alberto Capozzi, Umberto Scalpellini, Domenico Serra ?

The Girl Detective

Directed by: James W. Horne

Starring: Ruth Roland, Cleo Ridgely, Marin Sais, Edward Clisbee

Il tesoro della cattedrale

Directed by: Arturo Ambrosio Jr.

Starring: Nilde Bruno, Alberto Capozzi, Umberto Scalpellini, Domenico Serra

Teni grekha

Directed by: Pyotr Chardynin

Starring: Tatyana Bakh, V. Glinskaya, Vera Karalli, Aleksandr Kheruvimov

The Absentee

Directed by: Christy Cabanne

Starring: Robert Edeson, Allan Sears, Alfred Paget, George Beranger

Teresa Raquin

Directed by: Nino Martoglio

Starring: Maria Carmi, Dillo Lombardi, Francesco Nicolosi-Puglisi, Giacinta Pezzana

Miss Piccolo

Directed by: Franz Hofer

Starring: Dorrit Weixler, Ernst Lubitsch, Franz Schwaiger, Alice Hechy

The Shadows of a Great City

Directed by: Herbert Blaché

Starring: Thomas Jefferson, Adelaide Thurston

Getting a Start in Life

Directed by: Tom Mix

Starring: Tom Mix, Louella Maxam, Sid Jordan, Pat Chrisman

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