July 1920 calendar

July 1920

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in July 1920.
The US president was Woodrow Wilson (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was David Lloyd George (Liberal), Pope Benedict XV was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of July 1920?


  • 01 Jul 1920 Germany declares its neutrality in the war between Poland and Soviet Russia.
  • 02 Jul 1920 Polish–Soviet War: Red Army continues offensive into Poland.
  • 03 Jul 1920 40th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Bill Tilden beats Patterson (26 63 62 64)
  • 06 Jul 1920 Yankees score 14 in 5th inning and beat Washington Senators, 17-0
  • 10 Jul 1920 Tris Speaker is stopped at 11 consecutive hits by Tom Zachary
  • 11 Jul 1920 In the East Prussian plebiscite the local populace decides to remain with Weimar Germany
  • 12 Jul 1920 Lithuania and the USSR sign peace treaty, Lithuania becomes independent rep
  • 13 Jul 1920 London County Council bars foreigners from council jobs.
  • 15 Jul 1920 The Manila Mint in the Philippines begins coining bronze 1-centavo coins for circulation. This is the first official coinage of the Philippines under US administration.
  • 16 Jul 1920 15th Davis Cup: USA beats Australasia in Auckland (5-0)
  • 19 Jul 1920 August 7 ampndash The Second Congress of the Communist International takes place in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. The notorious Twenty-one Conditions are adopted.
  • 20 Jul 1920 Heerenveen soccer team forms
  • 22 Jul 1920 Polish–Soviet War: Poland sues for peace with Bolshevist Russia (refused).
  • 23 Jul 1920 British East Africa renamed Kenya and becomes a British crown colony
  • 24 Jul 1920 French troops occupy Damascus and depose Faisal I of Syria as king.ref name=quotFrench occupation of Syriaquot
  • 25 Jul 1920 Telecommunications: the first transatlantic two-way radio broadcast takes place.
  • 26 Jul 1920 Mexican Revolution: Pancho Villa takes over Sabina and contacts de la Huerta to offer his conditional surrender. He signs his surrender on July 28.
  • 27 Jul 1920 Radio compass used for 1st time for aircraft navigation
  • 29 Jul 1920 Mexican rebel Pancho Villa surrenders
  • 30 Jul 1920 August 8 ampndash 1st World Scout Jamboree held at Olympia, London.

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Music charts

Which were the top hits in July 1920?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Patches
  2. - Rose of Washington Square
  3. - La Veeda
  4. - That Old Irish Mother of Mine
  5. - Alabama Moon


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Cup Fever

Cup Fever

Directed by: David Bracknell

Starring: Bernard Cribbins, Sonia Graham, Dermot Kelly, David Lodge

Dersu Uzala

Dersu Uzala

Directed by: Akira Kurosawa

Starring: Maksim Munzuk, Yuriy Solomin, Mikhail Bychkov, Vladimir Khrulev

Country: United States of America



Directed by: Nishikant Kamat

Starring: Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran, Tabu, Rajat Kapoor



Directed by: Ramesh Sippy

Starring: Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Hema Malini, Amitabh Bachchan

Country: United States of America

Sweethearts on Parade

Sweethearts on Parade

Directed by: Marshall Neilan

Starring: Alice White, Lloyd Hughes, Marie Prevost, Kenneth Thomson