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Thursday July 19, 1900: on this day

About July 19th, 1900, in brief:

  • Historical events: The first line of the Paris Métro is opened.
  • Day of the week: July 19th, 1900 was a Thursday
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer (in western zodiac), Rat (in Chinese zodiac)
  • Famous Birthdays: Shane Dawson, Jared Padalecki
  • Moon Phase: Last Quarter
  • Popular movie: Buffalo Bill's Wild West Parade directed by

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What day of the week was July 19, 1900?

July 19, 1900 was a Thursday and it was the 200th day of the year 1900 in the Gregorian calendar.

July 19, 1900 can also be written as 7/19/1900 in the US and as 19/7/1900 in UK and Europe.


July 19, 1900: What happened on that day?

Here's what happened on July 19, 1900:

  • The first line of the paris métro is opened.

July 19, 1900: What were the magazines covers that day?

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July 19, 1900: What is The Zodiac Sign for that day?

 zodiac sign

The Zodiac and Astrological sign for July 19th is Cancer.

Cancer is the 4th sign in the Western Zodiac. People born between June 21st and July 22nd belong to the Cancer sign: discover Cancer personality and who should a Cancer marry.

Babies born in July are either Cancer or Leo. People born before July 22nd are Cancer, while people born from July 23rd have the sign of Leo.

Discover the personality of July born.

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July 19, 1900: What is the Chinese Zodiac Sign for that day?

Rat chinese zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac sign for July 19, 1900 is Rat and the associated element is Metal.

Discover the Rat personality and how the Metal Element might affect a person's traits and compatibility with other signs according to the Chinese zodiac.

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Birth chart on this day

Discover the planets positions on July 19th, 1900 as well as what the sky looked like at your place

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July 19, 1900: What was the moon phase on that day?

Moon phase


The moon phase on July 19, 1900 was Last Quarter.

The moon phase refers to the appearance of the Moon in the night sky on July 19, 1900 and is determined by the portion of the Moon's illuminated surface that is visible from Earth.

An observer located in New York City on July 19, 1900 at 10pm, would see the moon, being 32% full, rising at 10:55 pm and setting at 02:14 pm.

The previous full moon was on Jul 12, 1900 while the next full moon would come on Aug 10, 1900.

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Who was born on July 19, 1900?

Famous people born on July 19, 1900:

  • Charles Barnet "Roscoe" Harvey

    Charles barnet 'roscoe' harvey, known as roscoe 'fatty' arbuckle, was an american silent film comedian and director.

  • Brutus Hamilton

    Brutus Hamilton was an American track and field athlete and coach.

  • Arno Breker

    Arno Breker was a German sculptor who worked during the Nazi era, known for his monumental sculptures.

  • Cathy Glasgow

    American author known for her novels and short stories.

  • Marc Turfkruijer

    Flemish movie journalist / writer.

  • Pierre Joubert

    Allevard physician.

  • Nathalie Sarraute


Whose famous birthday is on July 19th?

Famous individuals and celebrities born on July 19th:

  • Shane Dawson
    Shane Dawson

    Shane dawson is an american youtube comedian known for his sketch comedy and vlogs, as well as his documentary-style series on conspiracy...

  • Jared Padalecki
    Jared Padalecki

    Jared padalecki is an american actor known for his role as sam winchester in the tv series supernatural.

  • Abel Ferrara
    Abel Ferrara

    American screenwriter and producer of director films.

  • Atom Egoyan
    Atom Egoyan

    Canadian film and stage director.

  • Isabel Jewell
    Isabel Jewell

    American actress on stage, film and television.

  • Dennis Cole
    Dennis Cole

    American television and film actor.

  • George Dzundza
    George Dzundza

    German-american actor.

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards

    American actor best known for his role in "er", the tv series.

  • Campbell Scott
    Campbell Scott

    Campbell scott is an american actor known for his roles in movies such as 'singles' and 'the amazing spider-man'.

  • Vinessa Shaw
    Vinessa Shaw

    Vinessa shaw is an american actress known for her roles in hocus pocus and eyes wide shut.

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How old is someone born on July 19, 1900?

Someone born on July 19, 1900 is:

124 years and 1 day old,

or 1488 months and 1 day old,

or 6470 weeks and 2 days old,

or 45292 days old,

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How many days until your next birthday if you were born on July 19, 1900?

There are 0 days until your next birthday, which will occur on Friday July 19th 2024.

Try out our Countdown calculator to find out are many days are left until your special moments.

What generation do you belong to if you were born on July 19, 1900?

You belong to the Lost Generation if you were born on July 19, 1900.

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July 19, 1900: What famous people died on that day?

What famous deaths happened on July 19th?

Famous deaths on July 19th:

  • Rutger Hauer
    Rutger Hauer

    Dutch actor who excels in the role of villain in films like "blade runner," nighthawks, and "the hitcher.

  • James Garner
    James Garner

    American actor, and a top star in movies, tv shows and commercials.

  • Cécile Aubry
    Cécile Aubry

    French actress, author, and dancer.

  • Jack Warden
    Jack Warden

    American actor (d. 2006).

  • Joe Flynn
    Joe Flynn

    American comedian, actor and vaudevillian who transitioned into tv and movie.

  • Eddie Quillan
    Eddie Quillan

    Philadelphia, pennsylvania -- actor ("julia, hell town").

  • Faina Ranevskaya
    Faina Ranevskaya

    Russian actress (born 1896).

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis

    American private citizen.

  • Annalysse Winters

    Influential playwright whose works continue to be performed worldwide.

  • Vandella Frost

    Pioneering chemist known for her research in nanotechnology.

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Who was the US President on July 19, 1900?

On July 19, 1900 the US President was William McKinley (Republican).

Who was the UK Prime Minister on July 19, 1900?

On July 19, 1900 the UK Prime Minister was Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Conservative).

Who was the Pope on July 19, 1900?

On July 19, 1900 the Pope was Leo XIII.


What is special about July 19th?

July 19th refers to a specific date on the calendar, which is the 19th day of the month of July. It is a date that occurs annually and is part of the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used around the world.

Over the years several events happened on July 19th, such as:

  • 2019 - Relations between iran and the united kingdom: the iranian navy of islamic revolutionary guard corps seizes the british tanker stena impero from the united kingdom and temporarily seizes the british-operated, liberian-flagged ship mesdar in the persian gulf. jeremy hunt, british foreign secretary, says iran will not allow the tanker to be released.
  • 2018 - Protests in 2015-2018 iraq: the protests began last week and continue amid anger at poor public services, high levels of unemployment, and pollution.
  • 2017 - Barbara weldens (singer), whose first album won many awards, falls to the ground while performing at festival leo ferre, gourdon, in southwestern france. according to reports, the 35-year old singer and poet was electrocuted.

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What happened in 1900?

1900 was filled with very interesting events such as

  • General French relieves Kimberley / Cecil Rhodes
  • Diamond workers in Amsterdam strike
  • British troops over run Johannesburg

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What was the calendar for July 1900?

July 1900 followed the same calendar system as the rest of that year and the years surrounding it, with July being the 7th month of the year. This calendar is characterized by 12 months, 365 days in a common year, and 366 days in a leap year, such as 2012.

Discover how July 1900 calendar looked like.

Thursday July 19, 1900