Popular movies week 9 July 1939

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 09/July - 15/July - 1939. Do you remember They Made Her a Spy by Jack Hively or The Oregon Trail starring Johnny Mack Brown, Louise Stanley, Fuzzy Knight, Bill Cody Jr. ?

They Made Her a Spy

Directed by: Jack Hively

Starring: Sally Eilers, Allan Lane, Fritz Leiber, Frank M. Thomas

The Oregon Trail

Directed by: Ford Beebe, Saul A. Goodkind

Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Louise Stanley, Fuzzy Knight, Bill Cody Jr.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Directed by: Richard Thorpe

Starring: Mickey Rooney, Walter Connolly, William Frawley, Rex Ingram

Stronger Than Desire

Directed by: Leslie Fenton

Starring: Virginia Bruce, Walter Pidgeon, Lee Bowman, Ann Dvorak

Divorcio en Montevideo

Directed by: Manuel Romero

Starring: NinĂ­ Marshall, Enrique Serrano, Sabina Olmos, Marcelo Ruggero

Convict's Code

Directed by: Lambert Hillyer

Starring: Robert Kent, Anne Nagel, Sidney Blackmer, Victor Kilian

They All Come Out

Directed by: Jacques Tourneur

Starring: Rita Johnson, Tom Neal, Bernard Nedell, Edward Gargan

Broadway Serenade

Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard

Starring: Jeanette MacDonald, Lew Ayres, Ian Hunter, Frank Morgan

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